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The inline posts plugin is a great extra for WordPress. To start using it, its as simple as downloading and activating it. The idea of this plugin is that all your posts go on one page, but you might want one or two posts on one of your static pages you have created. So this plugin allows you have that post on the static page as well as the front page.

To get the post onto the static page you need to enter the Post ID surrounded by double brackets [[Post Id Here]], and there you have it you post will now appear on your static page.
This is great if like, example on this site, you have a front page and then a static news page, you can post your story as normal in the category news and publish to the front page, then using the plugin and [[Post ID]] you can also add it to the static page without having to add it in manually. So to download this plugin visit the authors website Aral Balkan.

He also has some great other plugins that we may feature in the near future.

6 thoughts on “Inline Posts Plugin

  1. This is a wonderful plugin that takes WordPress closer to CMS. But the MORE tag doesn’t work when the post is pulled to another page. Will there be a fix in later versions? Thank you.

  2. That is well spotted Jai, i never took notice to that. Perhaps an email to the man himself about this might spring on a new update?

  3. what is the ID? how do one obtain ID? when i look at wordpress management software, i dont see ID field anywhere in the posts or pages

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