Theme Feature: Fontella and Hypereal

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Two themes have been submitted recently, and I’m finally taking the time to get them up here. These are both great, powerful themes (otherwise I wouldn’t be posting about them).

myJournal Hypereal

myJournal Hypereal Screenshot

Hypereal is running on top of the popular Sandbox, a theme for theme designers. Basically this means that this packs even more punch (for those that can use it) than the standard WordPress default theme functions can deliver. Three columns and many stylish gradients make this theme eye catching, and the little nooks and crannies definitely stand out: the icons on the left for quick navigation, the quote stylings, the meta icons, etc.

One negative I can see, is that this theme seems to operate as a fluid/fixed hybrid. In other words the theme looks fine when my browser is a certain width (between 960px and 1000px, I think) but not when it is any wider. This could be an easy fix, but it’s something to keep in mind if you do want to pick up this one.

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Fontella WordPress Theme Screenshot

Fontella is a strikingly simple yet beautiful WordPress theme. I was impressed as soon as I saw it.

Worth highlighting: the image that displays the date of the post (viewable in the image above, lower right of posting area) is dynamic. This means it changes, although it looks like an image. And it’s a nice change-up from some of the boring date display images that I see being used a lot.

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