WordPress Theme Review: Elite Circle

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Elite Circle has an awesome look and feel. It gives off a very elite feeling, one that I would proudly use as my personal blog.

But wait a minute. Let’s take a closer look under the hood.

Elite Circle WordPress Theme

  • Validation: 3/5
  • Look and Feel: 4/5
  • Theme Completeness: 4/5
  • Editability: 5/5
  • Total: 16/20

Validation 3/5

The CSS looks great. The XHTML, however, turned out relatively horrible. Twelve errors of all shapes and sizes were also joined by a notice: “Byte Order Mark found in UTF-8 file.”

That’s a lot of errors. Sounds a little sloppy…−2.

Look & Feel 4/5

All current browsers seem to check out fine, which is a pleasant finding after the number of errors that are present in the code. Does that say something about the theme itself or the state of the bulk of browsers today?

This theme has awesome colors. I love the pattern in the header, and the trim that could easily be overlooked in the footer. It’s a very tight visual package—I love it. I would use this theme for my own personal blog, slightly modified.

On the other hand, the width of the site is defined in pixels. I’m noticing a trend in some of these themes, and that is to define fonts in ems but the width of the page container in straight pixels. Of course this defeats the purpose of fluid layouts altogether. So I’m going to start making it matter. −1

Theme Completeness 4/5

I love the way the category and archive listing is done. It’s in a list! It actually looks very classy; I’m going to be trying that one out sometime soon.

There isn’t an “edit” link available for admin users when they are browsing their own site. I hope users know what I’m talking about when I say this. There’s usually a little “e” next to certain elements like comments and a full “edit” after blog entries and such. For some reason those helpful little quick links have been edited out. −1

Editablity 5/5

The code is well commented, but unfortunately it isn’t very intuitive. Even with sections of code defined it would be a real challenge to traverse the code to any heavy degree. I suppose, though, that to some extent that is just the nature of some designers…

There is an otherwise good use of WordPress template tags as well. Good default settings at work here.

Closing Comments (16/20)

I still hold to what I said above. I would be proud to use Elite Circle as my personal blog site. But I would make a few quick changes (regarding the above) and be sure it validates first.