Easy Job Boards with the JobPress Theme


DailyWP has just released their latest theme, JobPress. As you can tell from the name, JobPress is a unique WordPress theme built specifically for job boards. Its fast setup, great organization, and PayPal integration make this theme a great buy.

PayPal Integration

JobPress allows you to choose whether or not new job submissions must be paid for or not, and if so, how much each submission it is. Of course, PayPal is the easiest and most common method of paying for a job placement, and it couldn’t be easier to set up your account. All you have to do is enter your PayPal e-mail address on the theme’s options page and JobPress will take care of the rest. The theme also takes advantage of PayPal’s API and gives the option of paying with a credit or debit card as well.


Job boards must be well-organized, and JobPress does this well. Users can sort jobs by full-time, part-time, or freelance. Job listings can also be sorted into categories, which are listed in tabs across the top of the page. Jobs can also be searched and tagged.


JobPressIn the JobPress options page you can choose whether users can create their own listings or if you manually post them yourself. You’ll probably be letting users post their own listings, because the process is pretty slick. First, your enter some information about your company and listing, including type, category, location, description, and how to reply. Next, if you have to pay for a listing, you’re taken to the payment page. Once the payment is made, your listing appears. It probably takes less than five minutes to complete the whole process.


You can buy a single JobPress license for $79 or a full-rights developer license for $199. There is also an affiliate program where affiliates can receive up to 20% of the product’s price. That means if you refer someone to the JobBoard theme and they buy a single license, you get an easy $20. Not too bad, eh?

DailyWP has also been kind enough to create a discount code for WPCandy readers. Simply enter ‘wpcandy‘ at checkout and you’ll get an instant $20 off the license.


Overall, JobPress is a great theme. I don’t think I’ve seen any other themes of its type before, with the exception of their own Classipress theme, which is built more towards miscellaneous item listings and doesn’t feature the awesome payment options JobPress does. There are obviously some minor kinks to be worked out, as with all new themes, but JobPress still comes packed with simple, useful features that make it worth the license.

Visit the official JobPress theme page

33 thoughts on “Easy Job Boards with the JobPress Theme

  1. There are over 50,000 job boards now operating. The job boards are not connected and therefore provide little value to employers or job seekers. Unless you have 15 million users, your job board will suck.

  2. I’ve got to agree with David. We don’t need so many separate job boards. I guess this could be used for sites for niche audiences.

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  4. This Theme does not work for ME! – I have emailed the company 4 times with no responce ! – i have tried different version of wordpress but to no avail!…Can ANYONE please help me with this theme ?

  5. Wow… was just about to buy this…glad i did not.

    I’m not a fan of zero customer support.

    Not to mention… no FORUMS,… NO HELP SECTION… NOTHING.

    Also… the developers license states $149.. but when you check out…. it $159


    The affiliate program says 15% per sale…… and then it says 20%….. WTF?????

    Don’t have a good feeling about this one. Nice try though!

  6. Thanks for this board – I ALMOST bought JobPress – but I too sent several emails and never got an answer. With no support at all – I’m not buying.

  7. I was thinking about buying it today, but the nice HostGator received me telling me that the site is suspended. I’m worried about this…

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  9. I also was looking into the theme today and the site is down? Does anyone have a mirror for the theme? It’s actually not that complicated to make but I would rather pay for a theme and use my time elsewhere.


  10. I was also looking to get this theme but i also found dailywp.com is down; a quick search, however, indicates the theme is available for download. I wish to know whether this developer’s choice to get it out free and GPL. The original author seems to have gone by the names Sorel Mihai and is from Romania, but can’t find their contact details. Would love to use the theme but only if it is fair and the developer’s choice to have it go free. Anyone know how the developer can be contacted since ‘dailywp’ isn’t online anymore? All help is much appreciated.

    Fair 2009 to you all.

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  15. hi guys,
    i actually paid for the jobpress theme today and have not received anything from them….no response to ‘contact us’ and emails bounce….any ideas…what can i do?
    i wrote at Sorel’s id as well but no response

  16. I’m having problems with the category dropdown when creating a new job ad. Instead of giving me the dropdown the box just says: 0″value=”3 and doesn’t give any other options

  17. I have downloaded and paid for the Job Press theme and have had a very poor experience with it. There are several bugs in the software, and despite pointing this out to WP Daily, they have ignored my emails and offered no fix plus no money is offered back.

    The nature of the bugs? For example there is no posting date and time in the RSS feed attached to each post. This means that the RSS feed is not processed properly when I need to feed it to other sites or twitter feed. Not good practice at all.

    Also, the email functionality does not work when a job is created, or when someone applies for a job. This means that the site is a poor experience for any customers who want to pay for a job since they get no confirmation they have succeeded.

    And worst of all, because of the email problem an applicant can’t even submit his CV so the site is essentially useless – what good is it when someone cannot actually apply for a job on a jobs site?

  18. I’d like a theme like this that included an rss content sniffing aggregator script. What’s more the experiences of the other commenters makes me doubt the quality of Jobpress

  19. Hi everyone, i see some people want to buy jobpress theme but u don’t receive the answer so now i want to introduce a website for u to refer. It has some jobpress themes and u can believe in its quality.


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