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It’s easy to see that WordPress is becoming possibly one of the best, and most popular blogging platforms. One way this is noticeable is in the vast and diverse range of plugins on the market.

One of the latest offerings from Erwin Terong, looks set to become highly popular.

What will they think of next? Golden socks? Self-Promoting WordPress installs? A Drupal integration for WordPress?

Unfortunately, whilst you can now easily integrate your CMS with WordPress, you can’t walk round with some super-bling ankle socks, while your blogs gains 100,000 page-views a second.

Why would someone offer such a plugin? Because, its useful. I can’t really think of any major corporate site, or company webpage, that doesnt have a blog. But, the systems used by the deep-pocketed industry giants will no doubt be custom created, expsensive solotions.

Now you can integrate for FREE. Providing you use Drupal (which is very good, I believe its based on Mambo right? Perhaps there is a possible Mambo and Joomla package on its way).


  1. Single sign on, once you logged in to Drupal, you also logged in to WordPress.
  2. Synchronize user profile data between Drupal and WordPress.


  1. Download Drupal WordPress module
  2. Extract this to your /sites/all/modules/ directory
  3. Activate this module in Drupal (Administer › Site Building › Modules)
  4. Configure this module in Drupal (Administer › Site Configuration › WordPress)
  5. You’re good to go!

Sounds very easy. Its a brilliant idea too, I mean, Drupal does have a blog module of its own, and people do use WordPress like a CMS, but they can’t be a jack of all trades, WordPress is the best blogging tool, Drupal is a major CMS.

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Guest Author: Ben

12 thoughts on “Integrate Drupal with WordPress

  1. Howdy, and short note –

    Drupal is based on Drupal. Joomla was based on mambo, though the 1.5 version doesn’t have a lot of mambo left in it, but does have legacy support.

    On that note, I believe there is already a WordPress + Joomla plugin. It shells the WP app inside of Joomla for blogging.

    In theory you could hybrid all three with both plugins. Which would be odd.



  2. Hi Ben,

    The page you’re linking to, that supposedly has the information, has no details. I’ve looked around for more information since I’d like to use Drupal as a CMS while keeping WP for blogging purposes, but there is not really that much.

    The folks over at WP Scoop apparently were able to do this type of integration. Any additional information will be appreciated.



  3. An interesting idea. I have to point out though that your last comment about Drupal not having a blog of its own is wrong. It has had its own blog module, part of the core package, for well over a year that I am aware of. I think it has certainly been around since Drupal v.4.

    I must admit though, I would like to see this integration as it would mean I could use the WordPress gallery plug-ins, which I do think are better than Drupal’s, at present.

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