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I was talking to Mike last week telling him that wouldn’t it be great if WordPress had a page where you could specifically keep all of your notes and any little snippets of ideas, etc. that could be saved in WordPress for the administrators’ eyes only.

After doing a little search on Google to see if there was a plugin available I found great plugin called Dash-Note. This plugin allows you to write up notes and ideas on the WordPress dashboard. Great! So if you have several draft posts with lots of links, ideas, or just random stuff, you can keep them all in your notes rather than a draft post.

Dash-Note is also easily customizable, as long as you know CSS and can get to the CSS file. The installation is as simple as any other plugin, just add it to wp-content/plugins/ and activate it via the plugin menu on the WordPress dashboard.

Want the download link? Then check out maxpower.ca.

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