WordPress Theme Review: Business Casual 1.0

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Let me begin by saying there are things I really like about Business Casual 1.0 and there are things I really don’t like.

Business Casual 1.0 WordPress Theme



  • Validation: 4/5
  • Look and Feel: 3/5
  • Theme Completeness: 3/5
  • Editability: 5/5
  • Total: 15/20

Validation 4/5

While the CSS turns out fine, the XHTML is lacking—the author attempted an XHTML 1.1 Doctype and only failed on search bar in the header. Quite a feat, but also enough to merit a −1.

Look & Feel 3/5

There are parts I find awesome; there are parts that make me cringe.

First off, the colors have a very warming sensation—makes me think of wine. That’s nice. I also love the gray highlighting to accent links and sidebar elements.

But I don’t like the way the link color in the footer makes any links completely invisible. It makes me wonder—how could that have been missed?

Another thing that gets me is the menu’s lack of support for child pages. By this I mean pages that have parent pages (defined on the Write Post panel under “Page Parent”). They break the menu layout, which would otherwise be a very cool one.

On another good note, I do like how the previous posts on the main page are relegated to single links below the latest post. It has a very academic feel to it, which I like. Each individual page/post does away with the sidebar, just adding more emphasis on content.

Theme Completeness 3/5

For some strange reason the single post template broke for me. I tentatively take 1 point away since it makes me wonder…we might be seeing a quick update on this one, due to the importance of single post pages. Until then the current theme dictates the score.

Note: If you are a theme developer and would like to notify us of an updated theme, please visit our contact page and let us know.

Attachment is in the similar sorry state that the single post page is in.

And apparently, just to round things off, the 404 page is broken. Once again, it is imperative that the 404 page is included in your site; I posted a more in depth look at this earlier which can be of some assistance. That needs fixed.

Editablity 5/5

Overall the style sheet is broken down into nice sections of code. What I really liked was how the code at the top of the page included information about the images included in the theme (icons in particular). This is a great practice to follow, seeing as how it allows for the user to know about usage rights (assuming there are any) and whatnot.

Granted, it was probably required that the author include the words that he did, but it’s still a nice touch.

Closing Comments (15/20)

There are some things I really like about this theme. The use of icons, for instance, is awesome. I love the style of the front page, and how clean and concise everything is. Business Casual 1.0 really is a professional layout. Unfortunately there are a few places where it could use a little tuning.