WordPress Theme Review: Blog Design3 1.0

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My first reaction to Blog Design3 was “ooh!”

Blog Design3 1.0 WordPress Theme

  • Validation: 4/5
  • Look and Feel: 5/5
  • Theme Completeness: 3/5
  • Editability: 4/5
  • Total: 16/20

Validation 4/5

The only problem with validation on this theme comes because the DOCTYPE is set to Strict. This means that all the little quirks which WordPress produces which would not be an issue under a Transitional DOCTYPE instead show up and cause problems. They cause problems here too. −1

Look & Feel 5/5

The image sports a cool watercolor effect. I dig it.

There is a nice combo of white space and gradients here. It isn’t too much; it’s just right.

No complaints!

Theme Completeness 3/5

This is unheard of, even for me. This theme doesn’t support pages. I’ll say that again. This theme doesn’t have a template for pages.

Does that even make sense? −2

Editablity 4/5

The CSS is actually especially well commented on this one. Nice work, Ankur Savai [no website?]. I think you are a new favorite theme designer of mine!

Noteworthy is the fact that the main menu links in the header are done by hand. By this I mean they are not done using WordPress’s template tags. It’s not an impossible idea, but it is something which needs to be clearly stated and explained in documentation for the end user. It’s also a bad move that the only way to do this is by editing code; some users really don’t want to edit code…

No “Edit” link on the site when browsing and logged in as admin. Kind of a pain.  −1

Closing Comments (16/20)

I love the look. I love the code. I love how editable it is (almost!).

I don’t like how it doesn’t support pages. At all.

This theme would work perfectly for a blog. Well, a blog without pages.

Do those even exist?