WordPress Theme Review: Blizzard 1.0

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If Blizzard looks familiar…well, it should. It’s basically a whitewashed Kubrick.

Did I say that?

Blizzard 1.0 WordPress Theme

  • Validation: 3/5
  • Look and Feel: 4/5
  • Theme Completeness: 1/5
  • Editability: 4/5
  • Total: 12/20

Validation 3/5

Everything checks out in the style sheets, but the nastiness lies in the structural code. The XHTML validation brought up more than 20 errors, of which included the likes of paragraphs wrapped in paragraphs and bad attributes. −2

Look & Feel 4/5

Is it just me or does this theme feel exactly like the default WordPress theme? It looks and feels like this is the same old Kubrick with a switched out header. Good thing it’s not a sponsored theme or anything…oh crap.

Fonts are defined in ems but the width of elements (like the container) is not.

Theme Completeness 1/5

Why such a horrid score, you ask? Let’s see.

The theme defaults—defaults!—to not showing pages in the sidebar. This is so dangerous. Don’t make your users edit the theme code in order to make their theme usable at a basic level. −2

No 404 page. −1

No search bar on the site. Anywhere. −1

Editablity 4/5

I have some complaints here, but not in such a strong way. For the most part this theme is very editable. Whether or not that should be credit to the author is to be determined. In any case, it seems there are some cases where the code (written by the developers of WordPress, mind you) was torn apart and rehashed by this author. That’s strange to me.

Oh, and there’s no “Edit” link. How silly. −1

Closing Comments (12/20)

There’s not a whole lot for me to say. I’m going to spend about as much time on this review as was spent on Bliz—