Beautiful Free Theme Release: Into the Ocean

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Charity Ondriezek over at Design Adaptations has released a beautiful WordPress theme inspired by Blue October’s Foiled album, called Into the Ocean.

Into the Ocean Small Screenshot

This theme sounds really cool, and I would suggest checking it out if you want a sophisticated theme. And if blue is your color.

I noticed Charity’s theme because (as the post mentions) this theme will not be issued to the official theme showcase at And I can’t blame Charity for that decision. The theme is running temporarily at Charity’s “garage”, however, so do check it out and let the designer know what you think.

Nice work Charity.

Editor’s note: Notice that this isn’t a full fledged theme review. I’ve found that these can be tiring, and although it’s a great idea they may not be the best way to showcase great WordPress themes. I’m working on a number of (potential) solutions to this problem, but in the meantime I’m going to begin giving themes credit which are beautiful. Because let’s face it: there aren’t enough beautiful WordPress themes.