WordPress Theme Review: Bams_GreenieBlue

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Someone’s been busy creating themes! Bams_GreenieBlue is by far my favorite (so far) from the “Bams” series.

Bams_GreenieBlue WordPress Theme

  • Validation: 5/5
  • Look and Feel: 5/5
  • Theme Completeness: 2/5
  • Editability: 2/5
  • Total: 14/20

Validation 5/5

The validation turned out completely fine for both CSS and XHTML, although there were a couple warnings (concerning background v. font color) which could be looked at. Nothing major though, nice work!

Look & Feel 5/5

Honestly I didn’t like the looks of Greenie from the thumbnail. It didn’t look like a lot of whitespace, and it looked very busy. But once I brought it up, full in my browser, I though different.

The site feels as though it could handle a large amount of content. That’s a great thing, especially if you’re a serious publisher of content on the web. The structure is solid: a search bar near the top right portion of the page, feeds prominently displayed, clear headlines and content. This theme could easily be used for any number of blogging purposes. Once again, nice work!

Theme Completeness 2/5

I was expecting to see a fully complete theme, after the above two knockouts. But Bams_GreenieBlue is completely lacking any 404 functionality, and without defined search templates the results of a search often come out randomly, either going to the first available page (bad news!) or displaying some strange “No Results Found” page.

Definitely not good. This shows the lack of time that was spent on the back end of this theme, and unfortunately doesn’t bode well for its reputation.

Editablity 2/5

As stated above the theme is missing a vast number of (generally expected) template files which the user may look for to customize. This spells bad news for any WordPress developer, let alone a new one.

On top of that, the CSS isn’t commented at all. This theme would be a pain for me to edit, let a lone the average user.

I would recommend taking a hard look at the back end of this theme before opting for it as your theme.

Closing Comments (14/20)

I’m getting the feeling that this theme was created with the intention of it being awesome on the surface but nothing more. As soon as I started digging past validation and looks (which are very visible nowadays) I saw ugly stuff.

Unless you’re an advanced user who enjoys working hard to customize your theme, stay away from this one.