WordPress Plugin Review: Advanced WYSIWYG Editor

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Let me preface this by saying I won’t endorse any plugin I haven’t used and enjoyed.

I’ve been using Advanced WYSIWYG Editor for ages. But maybe it only seems that way because I can’t remember what it was like before I used it.

If you’ve used WordPress for a while now (or are just starting, I suppose) no doubt you’ve grown pretty familiar with the standard Worpress tool bar. The options available are something like bold, italics, strikethrough, various lists and alignments, and some image settings. Basically that’s the formatting you get. It isn’t bad, but for the advanced user it can be a bit stifling.

Then there’s the Advanced WYSIWYG Editor. Options available in your tool bar now extend to things like inserting anchor tags, horizontal rules, subscripts/superscripts, and (above all) special characters. Honestly the special characters are enough of a selling point for me; I’d keep the plugin if that’s all it did.

For anyone who’s ever looked up and punched in a 5 or 6 digit HTML code when using something like an ellipsis (…), em dash (—) or pointing arrows (») it’s all included in a little button on your editing window. Priceless.

Enough raving and ranting already. Try it out for yourself. I highly suggest it.

Thanks to Assaf Arkin for the plugin.