Make peace with your support system and the new Zendesk for WordPress plugin


Zendesk is a help desk web app that is—what’s the word?—oh yeah, popular. For fans of both Zendesk and WordPress, a new plugin might just make your presumably customer support-filled day. Zendesk for WordPress is a new free plugin now in the plugin directory that will allow you to turn your customer activity on your website into Zendesk tickets.

Perhaps most significantly, tickets can be accessed and updated right within the WordPress Dashboard, so you don’t have to leave what you’re comfortable with. On top of that, blog comments can be easily turned into Zendesk tickets using shortcut links on the comments screen and from the recent comments dashboard widget (see below).

I haven’t used Zendesk myself, so I can’t say I have much experience with this plugin right now. Our friends at Pagely have used it, though, and shared their thoughts on their blog earlier. Nevertheless, it’s exciting to see platforms using plugins, like Zendesk is, to take advantage of WordPress in elegant ways.

How many of you will be using Zendesk along with this new WordPress plugin? And what other platforms and web apps would you like to see interacting with WordPress this way?

3 thoughts on “Make peace with your support system and the new Zendesk for WordPress plugin

  1. Pretty cool stuff, we have it hooked into Cart66 (as they provide that API), but it’s a good move on the part of Zendesk. Just wishing that they’d handle Facebook better at one point.

  2. Great news, I wish someone would really fully integrate an email marketing app into WordPress that would be just a cut above the rest.

  3. @ryanimel – Brilliant news. We’re launching a managed hosting service for WordPress websites and are using Zendesk for managing support tickets. This plugin takes support to another level of integration for us.

    @Jean Galea – Have you checked out MailChimp WordPress Plugin for integrating WordPress with their email marketing service?

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