Your Favorite WordPress Plugin?


What really makes WordPress stand out from similar Content Management Systems? Is it the easy-to-use admin panel? What about all the free themes for it? Does it stand out because it’s free? Or is it because of the huge selection of free plugins available to the public? It’s definitely those plugins!

Plugins allow users to extend WordPress’ capability beyond most people’s expectations. In the end, WordPress is worthless without plugins. According to, “plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress.”

Still not convinced that plugins are essential to WordPress? As a test, disable all your plugins for a week and see how your WordPress powered site runs. A good percentage of you won’t last a day!

Alright, enough of WordPress Plugins History 101. Let’s get to the good stuff.

Most WordPress powered sites owners use plugins to help keep everything running smooth and normal. The question for all you WordPress powered site owners, is which is your favorite plugin?

Without a doubt, two of my favorite WordPress plugins include Askimet and cforms II. These two plugins are essential to WPCandy.

So now that you’ve got a bit more knowledge on WordPress plugins and my personal favorite plugins, what are your favorite plugins?

11 thoughts on “Your Favorite WordPress Plugin?

  1. Askimet is probably the most useful one because of all the damn spammers, but I think the WP-Polls and inTouch plugins are pretty awesome.

  2. The most useful that I use I think are the Subscribe to Comments and WP Ajax Edit Comments, or at least these are two I found most useful on other blogs and so assume people find them useful on mine.

    I also use csh_geshi for including code in my posts.

  3. I’m loving php exec atm, but I haven’t explored many plugins yet… My site is pretty basic though, so I don’t need a lot of stuff…

  4. Of course Askimet is god… but ALL IN ONE SEO PACK — I squealed with happiness when I found it!

    CQS (custom query string) is useful too…!

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