WPVibe, a blog about WordPress, has been put up for sale on Flippa


As of today the WordPress blog WPVibe has been put up for sale via Flippa. The reserve price is set at $2,000 (or $10,000 to buy it now) and the listing itself will close in 29 days. All of the relevant stats and figures can be found on the Flippa listing.

WPVibe was started by Dre Armeda (of Sucuri Security CubicTwo) and Jonathan Dingman, both WordPress developers, in 2009 as an independent WordPress news and community blog. A noble endeavor, if I do say so myself. In regards to selling and moving on from WPVibe, Armeda said:

WPVibe was never considered something we were going to do for revenue. The thought for WPV was to make it a viable WordPress resource, and we’d like to see it live on and hopefully meet that potential. I’m running CubicTwo & Sucuri which are revenue streams for me, and Dingman works for Userplane, our time has become very limited.

We launched it at the end of 2009, C2 and Sucuri from my side came in early 2010. They’ve taken off and unfortunately I can’t give the needed attention to WPV for it to grow as we’d like.

Armeda also mentioned on Twitter that anyone interested in WPVibe can also contact him directly.

So who’s in the market for a WordPress blog like WPVibe’s? Or, if you were starting a WordPress-centric blog today, what would you focus it on?

15 thoughts on “WPVibe, a blog about WordPress, has been put up for sale on Flippa

  1. interesting to see how this plays out.
    Personally, I think the price is undervalued given the traffic the site gets and the number of twitter followers but I guess the lack of current revenue would mean someone will only invest if they can quickly monetise that traffic and that is always going to be tricky.

    I think WordPress centric blogs fall into 2 broad categories:

    1.) Developer/Designer orientated – there’s plenty of these and some really good content from those closest to WP design and development. Not much point going into that ‘market’ if you’re looking to monetise a blog unless you’re providing really really good content. I think those that shine here are those who do it as a labour of love. Plus WPCandy is kicking everyone else’s ass serving the WP design/dev community 🙂

    2.) End user orientated – again a good bit of competition here but I think there’s still room for growth and tapping specific niches. The real challenge for bloggers in this space is trying to speak to an audience which naturally they are not part of. i.e. Those who know WordPress the best and have the most knowledge often don’t want or know how to speak to your average WordPress Joe User. They either assume too much prior knowledge when dealing with a topic or are simply not providing the right content that Joe User is looking for.

    If I was starting a WordPress centric blog now it would be to showcase all the wonderful sites being built with WordPress today beyond your basic blog style type sites.

  2. WPVibe.com is actually listed in the resources section of my book Professional WordPress. Not sure if that increases the value, but wanted to mention it 😉

  3. The site itself seems like a nice resource. However personally I would say they’ve overvalued it – that’s a lot of money for a site that doesn’t get loads of traffic or have any revenue figures.

    If nobody bites I would consider giving them a couple hundred dollars for it, but IMO the site would need to change format in order to be able to compete with sites like WPCandy.

    If I were them I would keep hold of it, and use it as a way to promote their knowledge, skills and services.

    • or find someone to write for the site thats knowledgable on wordpress while they are busy with current workloads.

      • exactly, I think that would be a much better approach and in the long run should make more money than the quick sale now.

      • That’s not as easy as it sounds. Finding quality writers passionate about a specific topic (WordPress) that are willing to write for free is a challenge.

  4. “The Price is Right?” lol….you think everyone is going to be a high bidder huh? they wold be so sad if all their hard work ended in $1. But sadly, that happens to a lot of bloggers!

  5. I’d have to agree on the overvalued comment (well, the buy now price anyway). 6 comments on new material since October, just doesn’t seem to have that sort of momentum. Bulk of hits are from search engine traffic, however top content isn’t evergreen (so expect SEO traffic to decline over time). Still think it’s a great resource and they’ve done a really nice job (especially for not wanting to make revenue out of it all). Good luck with the sale!

  6. I’m gonna buy it and hire some Indians to translate all of Ryan’s posts into Japanese then back into English. Then I will make two hand-made WPVibe trophies that everyone will go completely ga-ga for. This will set me on a course to become CEO of Automattic and ultimately, world domination.

  7. Seriously though, I think WVibe has great potential. Just needs a dedicated writer to jump-start it. It’s PR6 and a good frequent writer may get some of those Googler’s to subscribe. Problem will be finding a person such as that who is also willing to fork out $$$ for a site that apparently is not making money right now (?).

  8. How about that… because of lack of time i have listed VibeThemes.com on Flippa as well. Hope the plugins will be on good hands… however, i am nor really sure if i want to do this but definitely do not have the time for it. Hard decision… 🙁

  9. I argue it’s worthless, since it hasn’t been updated in almost a year. What’s in a name? Especially one I’ve never heard of?

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