WPThemeSpot.com will help you spot the right theme


Ben Welch-bolen, the CEO of Site5, has launched WPThemeSpot.com, a new site to assist with finding themes visually. This particular theme search engine allows for the filtering of themes by category, number of columns, and the original developer. Each theme thumbnail includes preview and purchase links, as would be expected.

Right now it looks like there are just over 100 themes in their system, but Welch-bolen says there will be more added before long.

Welch-bolen is the CEO of Site5 and co-founder of new startup WebPub, a web app installation and management service.

This new site is reminiscent of other options like ThemeSorter, and likely deserves a spot in our guide to finding WordPress themes. What do you think of WPThemeSpot — would you use this style of theme search engine?


3 thoughts on “WPThemeSpot.com will help you spot the right theme

  1. Looks a lot like 3rdPress.com, except 3rdPress only posts the best of the best themes, a hall of fame if you will.

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