WPThemePreview.com brings “try before you buy” to commercial themes


Ben Gillbanks of Pro Theme Design has launched WPThemePreview.com, a site that will allow anyone to test a number of commercial WordPress themes — both their design and their custom control panels —before purchasing them. Right now the themes included are just from Pro Theme Design (Gillbanks’ own) and Startbox, though it seems he has plans to add more over time.

Gillbanks said that the site was born out of his own frustrations:

WordPress Theme Preview is a site, born from a frustration at the inability to preview the administration pages on premium WordPress content. There’s many sites that allow you to preview how the sites look, but it’s really hard to see how they will work with your content, and how flexible are the theme options? Well now you can find out.

Purchase links on WPThemePreview.com are all affiliate links, which seems to be Gillbanks plan for making money on the project.

Would you use a service like this to test out a theme’s backend before purchasing it?

12 thoughts on “WPThemePreview.com brings “try before you buy” to commercial themes

  1. Hey Ryan – thanks for the post! 🙂

    You’re right that the affiliate links are how I plan to make money from this. I don’t expect it to be a big earner, but it would be nice to make a bit of pocket change from it 🙂

    I do plan to have more theme companies have their themes on there as well. I just need them to send me their themes and am waiting for replies to a handful of emails so that I can get the thing rolling.

  2. Hey Ryan,
    I think its WPThemePReview.com – not WPThemeReview.com

    @Ben Interesting idea, It does solve an issue to certain extent. Looking forward to the user response on this.

    • That’s true – and some theme shops have them already.

      However, from a users point of view it would be nicer to go to one place to test all themes, rather than 10 separate places to try them all wouldn’t it?

  3. I recommend writing opinionated and analytical reviews for each previewed theme. That way you’ll get some search engine traffic, which is a great source of newbie buyers.

    • I have had similar thoughts. At the moment I want to build up the library of themes but in time I will do just this sort of thing.

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