wpTerminal fills in the blank and launches Blank Themes


The team over at wpTerminal has launched a new project, Blank Themes.┬áBlank Themes’ goal is to create blank WordPress themes for users to build their own themes from. All of their themes are 100% free and each is written, they say, to allow for easy customization. Members get access to their support forums for a $5 one-time fee.

On top of their themes, they also offer several WordPress services, such as WordPress installation/upgrade and theme modification and creation services.

What is your favorite blank and/or skeleton theme?

4 thoughts on “wpTerminal fills in the blank and launches Blank Themes

    • That’s essentially what I’ve done for a while too, Dalton. Not specifically with that theme, but in general running with a simple, clean, well crafted starter theme. I actually tend to shy away from many frameworks, partly because I don’t need half of what they offer and partly because I’m not crazy about creating child themes as primary themes.

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