The doors to the Tavern (forum) are open to registration again


Jeff Chandler has turned registration for the WPTavern forum back on, which means anyone that would like to join his forum are able to again. Chandler originally turned off registration for the forum due to a high number of spam registrations.

Chandler posted the news, as well as a notice that there might be a hiccup or two:

The latest version of the forum has switched to the CKE editor and that’s why it’s different on the forum. I’ll need to spend a night or two to restyle various parts of the forum as the latest update has of course, some template modifications. If you noticed something you believe to be broken or is way out of whack, use this thread to let me know.

He originally closed the forum before WPTavern was purchased. There is still no word on who bought WPTavern, though there were a number of guesses in our last post on the topic.

Where do you spend your time chatting about WordPress? Have you ever had an account at WPTavern?

4 thoughts on “The doors to the Tavern (forum) are open to registration again

  1. Thank you for the mentions Ryan, saw 30 new registrations today which shocked the hell out of me. Now if the WPTavern forum doesn’t fit the bill, I can refer them to the WPCandy forum which is a happening place right now.

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