WordPress blog WPMods is for sale on Flippa


(WPMods has since sold for $80,000.)

Kevin Muldoon has put his WordPress blog, WPMods, up for sale on Flippa. At the time of this writing the auction is at $30,000, though in the comments he mentions he set the reserve price at $60,000. The Flippa auction has another five days left on its nine-day listing, a listing length which Muldoon said he chose because the last 30 day auction asked buyers to wait too long.

In the listing, Muldoon says WPMods has an average of 105,000 page views per month and an average gross revenue of $1,300 per month. Muldoon also argued for the site’s potential in the comments of the listing:

The site has not really been monetized yet. I only started selling ads via buysellads and selling paid reviews two weeks ago so it should increase beyond $2,500 very soon. It’s real strength lies not with ads but with the site being a platform to push quality WordPress products and services to WordPress users. This is something that many other websites simply don’t have.

The last WordPress site I remember seeing sold on Flippa was WPVibe. We actually discussed WPVibe, WPMods, and even as far back as WPDesigner’s sale (remember that?) on the latest episode of WP Late Night, if you’re interested in this sort of stuff.

(Oh yeah, Flippa also saw WordPress auctions with the Pro Photo Theme and We Love WP sales.)

What do you think of the WPMods auction so far? Do you think Muldoon will hit his reserve price of $60,000?

Disclaimer: WPMods is a publisher site on the Pressed Ads advertising network, which I run.

3 thoughts on “WordPress blog WPMods is for sale on Flippa

  1. I don’t know why he is selling a site like that which has alexa ranking of 11,571 and earning $1300 per month. Best of luck to Kevin Muldoon, I am sure that the auction will reach the reserve price of $60,000.

  2. The site is a well established resource blog in the WordPress community and has lot of potential.

    WP Mods is worth every penny and I am sure Kevin will reach the reserve price.


  3. This could be a great opportunity for the right buyer. However, it is reserved at over 5 times gross revenue for a site that would have to be actively run by the purchaser. After paying yourself it would be a no profit business.

    I think he should have proven a higher monthly revenue prior to pushing for a sale. As far as the point of purchasing the site to promote your own work, it would be much cheaper to pay for a reviews and ads on the site to get the same exposure.

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