WPMods.com sells on Flippa for $80,000


WPMods.com, Kevin Muldoon’s website that he put up for auction on Flippa last week, sold this morning for a final bid of $80,000. The bidding began up just over a week ago, but the bulk of the bidding activity took place in the last 48 hours.

Muldoon said in the Flippa listing that the site averages 105,000 page views and $1,300 in revenue each month. The final bid amount came in $20,000 over his original reserve price of $60,000.

This is easily the highest (publicized) amount for any WordPress-centric website sold within the community. There’s no public information on who the buyer was yet, nor any new activity from the buyer on WPMods.com, but we shouldn’t really expect to know anything for another couple of weeks. I’ll keep you updated as I learn more.

For those interested, we also discussed the Flippa auction the last two episodes (7 and 8) of the WP Late Night podcast.

What do you think of the auction, WPMods, and the final purchase price?

13 thoughts on “WPMods.com sells on Flippa for $80,000

  1. Feels a bit high, but you never know the reasons for purchasing an established site like this. Maybe the buyer has a viable WP product or an idea that fits this particular audience really well.

  2. Wow, that’s a huge chunk for a site proving to earn $1,300/mo. I would have thought it’d go for less. I guess the buyer agreed that the potential is huge (and perhaps it is). It will be interesting to learn what their plans are for the site. I assume priority number one is to pump up monetization in a major way, otherwise it’ll take five years to break even.

    Congrats to Kevin Muldoon and the Internal Revenue Service.

  3. A 60 month break even based on current revenue is pretty ballsy. The buyer has secured a domain that has some reputation, and more importantly a lot of existing content that will serve well for SEO, but other than that, they’ve got an uphill battle ahead.

    In my opinion, a WordPress site is only as good as those writing for it. Kevin put out good content, and I’d be willing to guess he worked his ass off to do so. He built the site up to where it is in a relatively short period of time – with hard work and knowledge of WordPress and its community.

    I hope, for the sake of the buyer’s wallet, that they are prepared to write a lot of well-versed WordPress oriented content, or they’ve got a great freelance writer lined up. They’ll need it to make any return on their investment.

    With the amount of work required to make this purchase pay off, I believe you’d be better off starting a new blog on little to no capital, and with time and work (like Kevin and you, Ryan, and Oli, and others have done), monetize it appropriately over time. The community is till tight enough and small enough to generate word of mouth reputation via influencers, who can then broaden the site’s umbrella to a larger community.

    I’d love to see WPMods succeed, but I think that is highly dependent on who this buyer is, and whether or not they know what they’ve gotten themselves into. Best of luck to them, and congratulations to Kevin.

  4. Although I am incredibly pleased for Kevin, he is a great guy 80k seems fair for the potential of the site. My only doubt at the moment is whoever takes it over as mentioned by Steven Gliebe, monetization will have to factor in greatly.

    80k divided by 12 = $6666 (the devils number oooo) and at it’s current level of $1500 (on average) per month the first year would only yield 18k. My worry is however takes it over inundates it with ads trying to recoup their initial spend.

    Which would be a massive shame as I know Kevin put his heart and soul into WPmods.

  5. The website is seriously under-monetized, thus merely $1300/month. If monetized properly, it has potential to generate $5k per month easily. I think this is what the buyer noticed.

    Also, if the buyer already has a WP product. This site can prove to be a gold mine for him.

    Waiting to see who the buyer is 🙂

    • Well if Instagram is worth $1billion I think WPCandy has to be worth at least $2billion 🙂
      Maybe Ryan should give Zuck a call – I hear he’s spending money like it’s going out of fashion before they IPO..

  6. Congrats to Kevin, he definitely got a good return for his hard work in generating the content on WPMods. I agree that the website can be monetised up to a healthy figure per month, especially if the new buyer has some products or themes of his own, and will use WPMods as a platform.

  7. We were actually interested in acquiring them. But didn’t work out within our team. I am glad the bidding was successful. Congrats!

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