wpMail.me offers a free report based on six months of newsletters

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wpMail.me launched about six months ago as a free weekly newsletter focused on WordPress news and articles. Since then it has delivered newsletters on a weekly basis full of all sorts of WordPress news, tutorials, and resources. Yesterday Cristian Antohe launched a wpMail.me PDF report full of statistics he has gathered based on six months of delivering newsletters to 3500 members of the WordPress community.

The report itself is free, though technically it will cost you a tweet to your followers about the report to download it. You might find it worthwhile, though, since it brings stats like the list’s growth and open/click rates, subscribers by location, and all sorts of information on the most popular links the newsletter has included.

I’m curious what those of you who are subscribers think of wpMail.me’s progress so far, but also this: what do you think of paying for something like this using a tweet? Are you generally willing to do that if it’s for something you really want to have?

One thought on “wpMail.me offers a free report based on six months of newsletters

  1. I was really interested to read this report. I’ve been subscribed to wpMail.me since early on, and find it quite valuable (as my testimonial in the report says!), so it was definitely worth a tweet to get the report for me.

    I can understand that some people may be hesitant to “pay a tweet” to get something. But I think it’s also important to keep in mind that particularly with something like wpMail.me, it’s main publicity is through word-of-mouth. Giving something away in exchange for telling your friends about the newsletter seems fair. If the information in the report isn’t worth that to you, then it isn’t, and that’s fine too.

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