Pick up and take WPLift with you using their new free iPhone app


Oli Dale has released a free iPhone app for his WordPress blog WPLift. The new WPLift app is available in the Apple App Store right now. Dale then described how he created the app the next day on his blog in a tutorial where he describes how to use the WiziApp WordPress plugin to create an iPhone app out of your blog.

I can certainly relate to creating an app for a blog — I did that at the end of 2010 for WPCandy as a sort of experiment. Since then, my focus has turned toward a more responsive design approach.

What do you think? Would you rather download an app for the sites you visit often, or would you rather see a responsive, mobile-ready theme that adapts to whatever device you’re using?

12 thoughts on “Pick up and take WPLift with you using their new free iPhone app

  1. I have the wpCandy app.
    But I don’t use it. (no “popular posts” since january, no interviews since oct 2010, reviews from march, …)
    I usually read through an rss reader and go to the site to post comments.
    I would probably use an app more with push if I were using an iPod touch.
    Or if there was a “push when on wifi” mode, and I were on a small data plan.

  2. Studies predict that Android and Windows Phone will overtake iOS in the years to come. With responsive design all mobile users have a mobile optimized WP site on their mobile and not only iPhone users. Can’t wait to see WPCandy with responsive design 🙂

  3. Thanks for linking this up Ryan,
    I agree – I think responsive is the way forward – It’s something I’m looking at currently,
    I have a redesign planned for WPLift so I think I will build it into that.

  4. Apps should die. There’s no reason one responsive design could not cover all types, sizes, and colors of smartphone. Of course, the business people behind the design of the phone hardware and software have the last word and as long as people are shoveling out money for apps they’re going to continue to push them as the way to get content on your phone. But in the end (I hope) users will realize the wasteful nature of the app ecosystem and want to move to web-based apps for their phone that only require them to open a browser.

    • I don’t agree at all, I think web apps are a second-level choice. Native apps offers a much better user experience. That said, I think that the key is to have a native app with some kind of “cloud backend” and web app as a fallback when, for some reason, it isn’t possible to use a native app. Much like you can use a mail client to read your gmail but if necessary it’s possible to use the web interface.

      • We are coming from different perspectives. I am coming from the developer perspective. When you’re a developer your dream is to write one piece of software and have it work on as many devices as possible. Think of all of the extra time, money, and headache it takes to build an app that works on the web, iOS, Android, WebOS, Meego, OSX, Windows Phone, etc.

        If I can write my app for the mobile web and give my users the same experience no matter what device they are using, that is my holy grail. And consumers don’t see how this type of system would increase the quality of apps, decrease the cost of apps, and ABOVE ALL it would simplify life. There’s one place to go to get an app, and that place is the same for whatever device you use.

        The current competition in the mobile space makes everything SO much more complicated than it needs to be. We’re being held accountable to the companies locking us into their smartphone platform when we (consumers) should be holding the smartphone platform companies accountable to making life easier for us. All it takes is for us to vote with our wallets.

  5. apps have their place (e.g. games, gps driven data services etc.) but there’s no reason for content driven sites to now build dedicated apps given how responsive design principles are evolving – check out the pretty kickass Boston Globe redesign that went live today – it’s as responsive as it comes for mainstream media sites (built by Ethan Marcotte) http://www.bostonglobe.com/

    • Boston Globe’s site is amazing on my phone! There are a couple technical glitches, but great work by Ethan. I love it.

  6. I use the app all the time. It’s much easier than having to go to my mobile browser and type in address. Call me lazy, but it’s much easier and when I just want to skim through the new articles when I’m standing in a line or have a few minutes of free time, the app is the way to go for me.

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