WPInspiration Launched!


It’s been months in the working and a project we decided to put off until after the new year to focus more on WPCoder, but we’ve finally tied up the loose ends on our latest project and have launched WPInspiration. WPI is a new website gallery that showcases the best looking WordPress-powered websites on the internet. We had a great base to worth with from our old gallery and will continue that gallery with WPInspiration.


WPInspiration was expertly designed by Panduka Senaka, who also owns the helpful typography site Typechart. It was a pleasure to work with him and the end result was spectacular.

Unlike a lot of other galleries, each site will feature a short, personal review from Mike or Dan. We’ll note some things about the site, things we don’t like, and ways it might be able to be improved. Reviews won’t go very in-depth but will be more than sticking a URL and a thumbnail in our database. We haven’t gone back and reviewed every site in our database, only the 10 most recent ones.

We should also note that support for IE6 has been dropped for WPInspiration. The site is still functional in IE6 and PNGs display correctly but that’s about it. The site works great in IE7 and all other modern browsers. Seeing as less than 3% of our WPCandy readers use IE it was safe to assume we wouldn’t be affecting many people.

There are also plenty of advertising spots open on WPInspiration. Ads are currently $50/mo or $85/2-mo. E-mail us at hey at wpinspiration dot com if you’re interested!

So what’s next? WPCoder is running more smoothly than ever, WPInspiration just launched, and WPCandy is seeing a strong amount of traffic lately. Our biggest focus is to start adding some more solid content to WPCandy, something that’s really been lacking lately with the exception of our one-line Community posts. There is also another project or two in our pipeline that we’ll likely be sharing with you this spring.

Thanks everyone!

16 thoughts on “WPInspiration Launched!

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  3. Great idea – I subscribed. The one thing I would request is that you set up your feeds so the site thumbnail is included. As with any site I’m subscribed to, I really don’t want to have to click through to get the content. Thanks. 🙂

  4. The design is awesome, as already said above. Just spent a few minutes playing around there, and really like the effect where the votes and comment/expand link slide up out of nowhere. Very cool.

    Overall, the browsing experience is nice and snappy. Great work!

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  6. I like the graphic in the header. I also like the rollover effect used on the sorting options and I like the slide-up effect when you want to vote or comment.

    Some constructive criticism. I think you need a complementary colour to go with the navy to break it up. As for the typography, that’s just a personal preference but does it have to be that small and does it need to be in caps?

    Best of luck.

  7. Awesome Site. I love finding good looking sites that are powered by WordPress, and you guys just made this a whole lot easier, thanks.

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