WPInspiration Beta Testers Needed


Well, the launch date of WPInspiration.com (which has moved to November 1st), is quickly approaching and we’re really stoked about it. Dan dove into the development a little under a week ago and it’s been going great so far.

We want to make sure WPInspiration is in tip-top shape before it goes live, so we’re calling for all beta testers! If you’d like to help us make sure WPInspiration is pixel-perfect and every part of the site is working just right, then please reply in the comments. Once you’ve replied in the comments, we’ll send you an e-mail with a link to our development server URL and some information about the site. We’d love it if you could send us some decent feedback regarding any site bugs/errors, as well as your opinion on the design and functionality. If you’d like to participate in our beta testing, we need to have your comment by Saturday morning at 12pm EST, so reply ASAP.

Once WPInspiration launches, we’ll write a post here with more information about the site, including our upcoming plans.

44 thoughts on “WPInspiration Beta Testers Needed

  1. I would love to help. I have access to a variety of pc & mac plus several browsers we use to test e-learning projects at the college I work.

  2. I’d be willing to test the site, check it out for typos or other problems. For example, the text in the link in the first sentence on this page is misspelled. It’s missing an i.

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