WPHonors, the Oscars for WordPress, launches today


Every strong community gathers together and celebrates its outstanding members at some point. The film industry has the Oscars. Journalism has the Pulizter. And now, the WordPress community has WPHonors.

WPHonors, created by Jared Williams, will hold voting for, and then feature, the top site, Plugin, theme and personality as chosen by members of the WordPress community.

Currently nominations are open in all categories (WPCandy is in the sites category, for instance) and will be open through November. In November full voting will open up, with the winners announced in January.

Prizes are also going to be awarded to certain participants through the voting process, from an ever growing list of sponsors.

You can nominate worthy parties on the site today at WPHonors.com, and follow them on Twitter for updates on the voting.

So who will you be nominating? Who deserves the most honor among the WordPress community?

4 thoughts on “WPHonors, the Oscars for WordPress, launches today

  1. Great idea for the WP community… but I’m not sure about the execution (yet).

    Shouldn’t there be more categories? Take plugins as an example. It would make more sense to vote on the best FORMS plugin, or the best SEO-related plugin, or the best PHOTO GALLERY plugin. It doesn’t make sense to say (for example) that Gravity Forms is “better” than the All in One SEO plugin. They do completely different things. But Gravity Forms vs. Contact Form 7 – I’d vote on that.

    Same goes for themes. How about best theme for geo-location? Or best magazine theme? Best E-Commerce theme… Most unique theme, best portfolio theme… the list (can) go on.

    Just my .02

  2. Maybe just as there is no Oscar for best funny actor, Oscar for best dramatic actor, Oscar for best action actor, etc…

    Actually I would totally get rid of the themes & plugins categories, to focus more on the persons & community stuff. Great initiative nonetheless!

  3. Thanks Ryan for posting this.

    @Brian and @Ozh, I want to point out that I wanted to keep the categories simple this year. For the next years WPHonors, I will be making more categories for people to vote for.

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