WPhired launches, a new place to find WordPress jobs


WordPress can run big websites and small ones. It can power social websites and web apps. Heck, it can even run Stallone’s website. Thing is, WordPress can’t yet do it all on its lonesome. Maybe in version 3.2 it will. In the meantime someone has to build the websites, to make them happen. Jerome Degl’innocenti just launched WPhired, a new resource to make finding the folks to build them easier.

WPhired is a WordPress jobs board that covers just about every type of job you could do with WordPress: designing, developing, search engine optimization, even blogging. It’s free to post new jobs and respond to them but you will need to create an account first. Use is still growing at the site, but Degl’innocenti is countering the still growing adoption rate by pulling in WordPress jobs from other job boards like Indeed, making it useful as an aggregation tool as well.

Where do you find WordPress jobs nowadays? Will WPhired find its way into your tool belt?

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