WPGui.de launches as a WordPress news directory


Justin Seeley has launched WPGui.de, a directory of WordPress news sites. The new site lists various WordPress sources, both official and otherwise, including the last few posts on the site. Seeley has an open invitation on the site, asking anyone with a site that they would like included in the list to contact him.

According to the site:

This site is meant to be an aggregate of all of the best, most-informational, WordPress sites on the web. Here you’ll find links to articles, tutorials, and news bulletins that all pertain to the world of WordPress.

Seeley is the founder of Seeley Training and the host of the Photoshop Quicktips Podcast. You can follow him on Twitter at @justinseeley.

How do you typically find new WordPress sites? Do you use aggregate sites like WPGui.de, or something else?

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