WPForSale – Exposure For WordPress Developers


WPForSale is a new site that is focused on providing WordPress users with premium products and resources, and helping WordPress designers and developers sell their work.

Many WordPress users are not aware of many of the valuable products out there. That’s where WPForSale comes in. They showcase the latest and greatest premium products, so users have only one-stop place to check.

WPForSale was built by and currently managed by Bernadot Studios, based in La Crosse, WI, USA. They’re passionate about WordPress and use it as their premier platform, “because the flexibility, community and ease of WordPress is unmatched”.

Scott, the site manager, says they’ve “personally found the premium themes and plugins very useful in our buisness, as it saves tons of time getting a project started and eases management for our clients”.

WPForSale also provides valuable WordPress tips and tricks to help users with their sites. Their site is new, but Scott says there’s much more to come and to expect some new (top secret) additions to the site.

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