WPDesigner.com Sold!


Small Potato has recently sold WPDesigner.com for $66k $65k. I’m not sure about you, but I could definitely think of a few things to do with $65k! SP has also introduced Pawel Ciszewski, the new owner of WPDesigner. Welcome Pawel!

Now that Pawel is running WPDesigner, I’m very excited to see what he’s going to do with it. Even though SP isn’t the owner of WPDesigner anymore, the $5 Themes Club will continue and he will be guest posting on WPDesigner when he can.

I will be getting in contact with Pawel soon to welcome him to the community, as well as introduce myself. I hope he’s friendly! If you would also like to welcome Pawel, leave a comment on WPDesigner.

10 thoughts on “WPDesigner.com Sold!

  1. Will be really interesting to see how it all goes.

    Has their actually been any successful big blog buys like this? I have seen a few blog buys and the blogs all went under..

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  3. He’s purchased a lot more than just a blog. A blog is an anchor on the web that so many other things can grow from. It used to be off on the sidelines, but now IT launches projects and ventures.

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