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After a great 21 months of Small Potato putting out great WordPress themes, WordPress tutorials, WordPress news, WordPress everything, he’s decided to hang a For Sale sign up on the site.

When I first saw the RSS item in my RSS reader, I immediately thought it was a joke. I sorta panicked actually. I remember Small Potato saying in my interview with him, that he couldn’t imagine selling WPDesigner.com, his baby, but it seems he’s found a good reason. He’s selling his site because of personal reasons. He’s going to be traveling for the rest of the year and won’t be able to juggle the two.

Now, Small Potato, like any other good Web site seller, isn’t looking for just anyone to buy. He’s looking for someone experienced with WordPress, so they may continue putting out quality WordPress themes, as well as good content. Hopefully SP finds the right person, as it would be shame to see such a wonderful, and personally my favorite, blog about WordPress go down the drain.

If you’re interested in purchasing WPDesigner.com, check out the SitePoint listing.

6 thoughts on “WPDesigner.com Is For Sale

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  2. If there’s anyone capable of doing things the way SP does, he/she’d probably already has his/her own blog and is busy with it, therefore wouldn’t probably have enough time to handle WPDesigner anyway.

    I really hope whoever bought it would preserve the quality, but it won’t be an easy task.

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