WPCoder redesigns, relaunches, shares what they’ve been up to


The folks at WPCoder have relaunched their site with a classy new design by Alvin Thong of Sixbase. Michael Castilla also describes their team as a “more personal and professional WordPress development team” now, rather than a simple PSD to WordPress team. The site redesign and relaunch is a part of their new goal, according to Dan Philibin:

If you remember the old site, with the machine and the modal boxes and the lovely brown background, you’ll immediately recognize that we’ve got a whole lot more to say than before. We’ve learned so much since we started back in September 2008. As you can see, we are starting to take some of those new ideas and improvements into action to make WPCoder the best WordPress development service on the ‘net.

For the bulk of the last three years, the WPCoder design portrayed them as a PSD to WordPress service, as you can see in the redesign comparison image just after the jump. According to their relaunch blog post they are aiming their sights a bit higher this year.

One fun fact for WPCandy superfans: Castilla and his team previously ran the show here at WPCandy, before I took over after he decided to focus on WPCoder. Good people over there.

What do you think of their relaunch, and their new direction? Are you more interested in working with a professional WordPress development team over a PSD conversion service?

11 thoughts on “WPCoder redesigns, relaunches, shares what they’ve been up to

  1. Grammar nitpick:
    ” they are aiming their sites a bit higher”

    should be “they are aiming their sights a bit higher”. Unless you’re going for an intentional-yet-portably-too-subtle pun there.

  2. I had a look at their site as I’m always needing WP work done, or doing it myself. The sites they showed as demos were extremely basic. If they’ve done sophisticated things with lots of interesting hooks and features, it would be good to show them.

  3. Underlined text that is not links in the sidebar, hmmm.. apart from that, fantastic design!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! We’re stoked to finally stand as a powerful service for the WordPress community. We have great things coming by the end of this year.

    Also wanted to mention Ryan has been doing an excellent job with WPCandy since it’s been under his management. Not only has the community stepped up but the quality of the content has been superb. Kudos!

    As appreciative as we are, WPCoder would like to offer a $50 discount off any project quotes we receive this week for the rest of June to all WPCandy readers. When your project is ready for a quote, just use “WPCandy Rocks!” for the “How did you hear about us?” field.

  5. Awesome redesign… I had referred a friend down their way and I believe it was Matt (from Aus) who handled their project, everything went down very smoothly. Keep up the great work!

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