WPCandy will be at WordCamp Columbus this weekend


WordCamp Columbus takes place this weekend — mere hours from now in fact. The conference sports four tracks this year over the course of two days. Speakers like Austin Gunter, Nile Flores, and Syed Bahlki will all be in attendance talking about what they know best.

And actually, if you take a close look at the Columbus speakers page, you’ll see that yours truly is speaking too. I’ll be giving my plugin presentation to the user track, and maybe even a new talk I’ve been nursing called “Every Theme Sucks, and Nobody Cares.” If you’re going to be attending the conference this weekend (or live nearby and can swing by) be sure to say hello!

There are still tickets available for the event for $40 if you’d like to attend. Sound off in the comments if you’re planning on attending.

5 thoughts on “WPCandy will be at WordCamp Columbus this weekend

  1. I’m so bummed I can’t make it out this year! I had such a great time last year, and was able to put so many faces with names! School and work are just crazy this year, I’ll look forward to hearing all about it – and hopefully be able to join again next year!

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