WPCandy Releases June Stats Report


THE INTERNET – Popular WordPress community site WPCandy announced their monthly stats report today, the first report after their June 2008 re-launch.

In the month since the site was re-designed, stats almost doubled May’s total page views. However, unique visitors were only slightly higher, meaning visitors were digging deeper into the site than before. This is likely due to the site’s new structure, which introduced four different sections to the site – Articles, Themes, Plugins, and SItes – and greatly improved navigation features.

Top referrers for the monthly period were PositiveSpaceBlog, a design and technology blog, Google Reader, and Stumbleupon. WPCandy also sponsored the first unofficial WordPress day, an event to both celebrate the existence of WordPress and to thank the creators of the popular, free, open-source blogging system. Both the new site introductory post and the WordPress Day post contributed heavily to the site’s impressive stats.

“Our stats have been pretty hawt,” said Michael Castilla, lead admin of WPCandy, during an interview. “It’s great to see that our visitors are enjoying the new site and are using it to its fullest potential.”

By the end of the month, WPCandy exceeded 2,000 feed subscribers, the highest total throughout the site’s history.

Popular articles included the WordPress Help Sheet, a guide to assist WordPress developers, the new site introductory post, the WordPress Day entry, and a collection article listing 10 plugins to improve the blogging system’s administration area.

“We’re quite excited with our stats, but we’re also hoping this is just a glimpse of what’s to come,” explained Dan Philibin, lead developer and author at WPCandy. “We’re hoping to roll out some new features really soon that should expand the site even more.”

WPCandy has quietly promised a theme area to be announced in the future, where users can both download free themes and buy more advanced, “premium” themes. The release date of this new feature has not yet been announced.

Also of note in the stats report was the web browsers used to view the site. Mozilla’s Firefox led the pack with 71% of visitors, followed by Apple Inc.’s Safari web browser. Surprisingly, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer only took 11% of the share, and IE 6 was only used by 2% of the site’s total visitors during the month.

Ptah Dunbar, another author and developer at WPCandy, was not available for comment.

Stats recorded with Mint. This was originally a parody post Dan wrote but Mike forced him to post it. Sorry if you don’t get the humor in this. 🙂

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    It’s time for a savvy Venture Capital to buy this cheap in some trcikzillion dollars.

    I guess if Ptah didn’t comment is because the rumors that he was tented to go to work on Yahoo are true.

    Nice press release 🙂

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