WPCandy: Our Second Month


Wow! Time has gone by so fast. It’s already December! That means it was our two month anniversary of WPCandy being launched. Our second month (November), was such a great success and our our stats have raised through the roof! November was especially great for WPCandy because that’s when we launched The WordPress Help Sheet.

Continue reading to see what we accomplished in the month of November.

Throughout the month of November, our stats have raised immensely since October. Our stats are as following:

  • 46 total posts
  • 338 total* comments
  • 615 total* spam comments (woot)
  • 31,032 returning visitors
  • 9,812 unique visitors
  • Up to 322 total* RSS subscribers
  • Alexa ranking: 168,026

Two months have gone by and we’re hoping to kick some more butt in December! I just wanted to write this post to thank everyone and anyone who has visited WPCandy, is subscribed to the RSS Feed, who has left a comment, and who has submitted something to us. We really do love you guys.

*Total = October + November

6 thoughts on “WPCandy: Our Second Month

  1. It’s nice to see you’ve made a WHOLE two months but how about working on more content rather than patting yourself on the back every time another month passes? Congratulatory posts like this already account for 25% of all posts you’ve made already!

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