WPCandy Forums Coming Soon!


Me and the other Mike have decided that we want to bring a forum to WPCandy.com!

We think it will be a nice extra feature to add to the site. Now we know there are probably a few (a lot) other forums out there on the web, but we’re still going to have ours up for you.

What will the WPCandy Forums bring? Here’s a list of some features it’ll have:

  • WordPress Support – ask us anything! If we don’t know it, we’ll find out
  • Comments/Suggestions – tell us what you’d like to see done on the site!
  • WPCandy Reviews – want us to review your site for free? just post your link!
  • Pre-made Scripts – just some scripts that can come in handy for your site
  • WordPress Job Board – a place where you can post and get jobs relating to WordPress
  • WordPress Success Stories – got a really cool success story by using WordPress? share it!

And that’s just a sample! We’re hoping to have a really nice forum for you guys to talk about anything related to WordPress and more! Wish us luck.

Oh and for those of you who are wondering, we’ll be using Vanilla, customized to our liking. Mike has already started customizing Vanilla today and I’ll be jumping in to help him soon.

Stay tuned for more updates and stay out of trouble!

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