WPCandy – Coming to a Browser Near You

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WPCandy.com is ready for launch, so welcome to the greatest WordPress dedicated site on the internet.

After several months of hard work we are finally launching the site. The brains behind WPCandy are two young men, one from the US of A and the other from the United Kingdom. They both share there first name but not there second, that would be rather scary.

The design and coding of WPCandy was completed by young WordPress theme developer Michael Castilla along with another young chap Michael Cromarty, a keen WordPress coder and idea extradinaire, that has helped with some of the coding and bringing ideas to the site.

Both of us will be bringing you the latest updates and reviews on WordPress, themes, plugins and other sites that are helping to give WordPress the recognition it deserves in weekly posts. We will also be bringing you some interviews from people that know WordPress off the back of there hands.

The gallery will showcase all the greatest themes featured on the site and you will be able to rate them using the rating system with the little colored stars that looks all jazzy when you select the ratings.

If you want to submit your theme to the gallery or have a WordPress powered website that you want to show off and have people rate and maybe have it featured on the front page then hit the submit button in the top navigation, you know with that cute little scrollover. Now, stop reading this and get checking out the whole site because WPCandy.com is taking over the internet.

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