WPBundle launches their 10 theme bundle after months of preparation


WPBundle, the theme shop from Liam McKay and Spencer Finnel that partnered with WooThemes three months ago, launched yesterday after a six day delay due to the WooThemes DoS attacks. The launch makes their ten themes (and bonus icon set) available to anyone with $250 to drop on them.

While they aren’t releasing sales numbers, they did share some pre-sales numbers. The team sent out approximately 1,500 discount codes to those who subscribed to their email list in the months leading up to the launch. WooThemes also gave their own customer base a discount, which included an email that went out on launch day.

The themes are mostly unique in their purposes. For example:

  • SnapBlog is a photo theme.
  • Nimble is a tumblog/microblog theme.
  • Knowledgebase is a (you guessed it) theme intended for knowledgebases and wikis.
  • Roaming is a theme designed to act as a city guide.

In regards to the launch of WPBundle itself, McKay said:

Leading up to the launch was tense. But probably the most tense part was during the server attacks, just not knowing how long we’d be down for was tough. It took 6 days until the server was stable enough for us to launch, much longer than expected, but that was purely down to the severity of the attack.

Since the launch it’s been fine, we’re just getting used to dealing with support & answering emails etc. It’s something that’s quite new to us, but luckily the guys at WooThemes are here to help us out, and they know exactly what they’re doing. We’re just trying to juggle all the tasks at the moment until we get into the rhythm of it, then we’re going to hop back in and finish the work on the next round of free updates we’re already working on.

The bundle of theme can be purchased for $250, or less depending on whether you are eligible for theirĀ various discounts. The bundle price includes updates and support for life.

4 thoughts on “WPBundle launches their 10 theme bundle after months of preparation

  1. The themes are nice, but I was hoping for a lower price – being a holiday bundle. For a little over $300 a year, you can have access to all Woothemes Themes (I think there is over 80 of them).

    • I agree. Too expensive. The lifetime membership to StudioPress is just a tad bit more and you get a lot more themes. Plus, they consistently update their themes and release new ones.

      They should have started off with a lower price until they built up a following and a bigger inventory.

      • “Plus, they consistently update their themes and release new ones.” – As do we. Also it’s worth nothing that with the variations and child themes etc we’ve currently got around 50 items. Plus there’s a heck of a lot more themes & variations coming that will be released as free updates to customers.

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