WPBeginner’s Coupons site could save you money on WordPress purchases


WPBeginner has added a new site to their network this week with their new WordPress coupon sharing blog. The new site collects coupons for various WordPress theme, plugin, and other products that folks might want to save some money on. The launch post on WPBeginner explains the thought process behind the new blog:

The idea behind WPBeginner coupons is to keep our community updated with exclusive deals that may be going on around the web. Let’s face it, we are all way too busy to keep track with every single useful discount deal. I know when I miss a deal, I say to myself “dang-it, I wish someone told me about this deal before”. But sadly, there is no coupon site within the WordPress industry that can do that. Plus, keeping track of these deals is no one-man job. Therefore, our editorial staff will keep our eyes and ears out to keep you posted on cool deals.

WPBeginner is also welcoming any owners of WordPress products to get in touch with them about sharing a discounts on their new site. Inidividual coupons can also be submitted by anyone browsing using their submission form.

The launch brings WPBeginner’s network to three sites strong (this, their blog, and their WordPress sites gallery).

Are you excited to see a WordPress version of RetailMeNot hit the interwebs? Will you be using it and submitting discounts you come across?

5 thoughts on “WPBeginner’s Coupons site could save you money on WordPress purchases

  1. I think it’s a great idea – I’m a big coupon user everywhere else, and whenever I buy a premium plugin I google for a coupon code before purchasing. I wouldn’t have thought there were enough coupon codes out there to keep the site useful on a regular basis, but evidently they think there are!

  2. Thanks Ryan for the writeup.

    We will do our best to keep it updated. The idea is to have one resource to keep these coupons active. We are working out deals to keep these coupons for as long as we can so everyone can take advantage of it 🙂

  3. I really got lucky with this. Thanks for the writeup as a result I actually bought the Gravity Forms Developer Version 🙂 I would have bought it anyway but it was nicer buying it about 50 dollars cheaper.

  4. I am glad there is a respectable WP coupon site now. I’m surprised there wasn’t one sooner. What gets me is that there are sites that create fake coupons for WP themes apparently in order to snipe affiliate commissions and they rank high in Google! Horrible. So good job with this, Syed.

    PS. Look out for CouponWP soon. I’ve been working at expanding ThemeSorter’s coupons/deals section into a separate RetailMeNot-style site that will also have plugin and WP hosting coupons. Clearly I’ve just been beat to it but a little competition ought to be good for the coupon cutters.

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