WPAdvent will bring 25 days of WordPress deals in December


Due to preemptive mentions on Twitter, Ben Gillbanks has announced his latest project WPAdvent a bit earlier than it seems he intended. The new site claims it will give visitors “25 days worth of special offers from your favorite WordPress developers”, beginning December 1st.

According to the WPAdvent about page:

The goal of the site is two fold.

  1. To help promote the awesome WordPress development community.
  2. To bring premium WordPress products to a wider audience.

Along with the early announcement on Twitter, Gillbanks said “Hopefully I can fill up all the slots :).”

This comes at the tail end of a season littered with various large scale giveaways and discounts, with WPHonors to AppSumo being the most recent.

Gillbanks is behind Pro Theme Design, a popular WordPress theme business. You can follow him on Twitter at @binarymoon. Keep up with WPAdvent via their site as well.

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