WP101 adopts “Pay What You Wish” model


WP101, which offers WordPress video tutorials and screencasts, is now operating under a “Pay What You Wish” model that allows users to choose the price they will pay for access to the site. Regarding the adoption of this new model, Shawn Hesketh, creator of WP101, said:

“After 18 months, we decided to change our payment model from a traditional membership fee to an innovative, ‘Pay What You Wish’ model. Since the launch of this new model, daily signups have nearly tripled, far exceeding our own expectations. We’re excited about making this course affordable for everyone, no matter what their budget may be.”

The site will also be giving away 50% of each sign up to fight breast cancer. Money will be donated both to the Susan G. Komen Search for the Cure and to individuals who are battling the disease.

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