WP Text Ads 1.1 Released

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News cometh forth: the new version of WP Text Ads has been released.

WP Text Ads is a pretty sweet WordPress Plugin that you can see in use along the top of the main page and between posts on our site here. Basically it allows you to run your own ad system and retain 100% of the profits based on the pricing you set. And it’s all run quickly and simply from the WordPress Dashboard.

A quick rundown of the new features in 1.1:

  • ¬†Optional use of rel=”nofollow” in links
  • Addition of the Marketplace, where advertisers can now find you
  • Numerous bug fixes

The Marketplace sounds like the most interesting piece of this update. I’ll be looking into it, and I’ll let you know how it pans out.

Oh, and Alex Choo (the author behind the Plugin) is a cool guy that is always looking to improve his work. Be sure to shoot him any question/suggestions at your discretion.

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