WP on Tour to organize an International WordPress Coworking Trip


Organized by Automattic Happiness Engineer Karim Osman, WP on Tour is a website dedicated to organizing what is likely the first ever International WordPress Coworking Trip. The trip is still in the very early planning stages, but already includes a few juicy, mile-high details:

The idea is to step out of your daily (office) environment and work at a challenging location somewhere in the world. Like a holiday, but then with WordPress geeks :-D Everybody is welcome: bloggers, designers, programmers, entrepreneurs, etc.

Simply 1 week of fun, working, sightseeing, brainstorming, relaxing and inspiring each other.

Sounds just awful, am I right?1

Before you start packing, keep in mind that Osman lives in the Netherlands and is discussing prices for the event in terms of euros, and thus might keep the gathering located to his hemisphere. The trip’s location isn’t decided yet, so hold off on booking those non-refundable flights until more info is available.

How far would you travel to spend a week working with other awesome, WordPress focused folks? If you’d be interested in something like this, speak up in the comments as well as the on Tour blog, since you never know when a new destination might pop up near where you live.

1 By that I mean awesome, of course.

14 thoughts on “WP on Tour to organize an International WordPress Coworking Trip

  1. Living in Cornwall perhaps the most beautiful part of England I would be happy to host on this awesome idea.

    • Cornwall is stunning, the only minus is that everyone in the UK likes it and that demand pushes accommodation costs quite high, which might be a problem for some potential attendees. Then again, if the tour is in November as the blog suggests, prices should be a lot lower but, of course, then you’re dealing with the notorious British winter weather. Perhaps somewhere in Southern Europe would be both cheaper and a welcome break for those of us enduring the Northern winter.

      • Totally agree Cornwall can be expensive but then I have a few hotels who I work for that give mates rates and that makes it quite cheap….. and haven’t you heard how mild Cornwall is. The temperature dropped at least 3 degrees travelling from here to Bristol once!

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  3. I just committed most of my vacation time to my wife last night! However, if you would like to consider Sarasota Florida as a destination for the tour, I would be happy to help guide the group around! We have Siesta Key Beach (on the Gulf of Mexico), great restaurants, and more!

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