WordPress blog WP Mayor turns two years old

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WP Mayor, a blog about WordPress and friend of the site, has turned two years old this week. The announcement also brought a new logo (shown above) designed by Kenneth Cachia. In its second year WP Mayor has grown quite a bit, Jean Galea said, with now more than 40,000 unique visitors per month, up from 25,000 per month the previous year. Galea also doubled the number of posts published in the second year.

Birthdays are fun times for reflection and congratulations. If you get a chance, swing by WP Mayor and wish them another positive year!

One thought on “WordPress blog WP Mayor turns two years old

  1. Thanks for spreading the word Ryan, I should also add that WP Candy was one of the top inspirations for starting WP Mayor, so thanks to this site and all its contributors too.

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