WP LifeGuard swims into WordPress Video Tutorials


Feeling like you’re constantly treading water when operating your WordPress site? Worried you might soon run out of energy and drown in Codex articles and Google searches? WP LifeGuard aims to help.

The recently launched service offers over 30 WordPress videos (many of them free) and say they’ll be adding more as they go along. Though not the first WordPress training video site, this one looks very decent. I had a browse through a few of their free videos and it looks like they’ve got things together.

There have been a lot of project launches this week, but this one is probably my favorite. I think video tutorials are the next step in documentation and would love to see some of these free ones eventually make their way over to the WordPress Codex. Perhaps it would be good advertising for them?

4 thoughts on “WP LifeGuard swims into WordPress Video Tutorials

    • That makes sense. I think it would be cool to eventually see videos in the Codex, but I understand not wanting to brand them. Perhaps an effort will be made to produce free in house videos (I hate suggesting things like this because then I feel like I should contribute in some way or get the ball rolling, when I’m just making idle chit chat! :P)

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