Submissions and voting closed for WP Honors, enters judging round

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WPHonors, which launched earlier this year to award the best of those amongst the WordPress community, has now closed the submission and initial voting stage. No further nominations or votes will be taken until after the next stage is complete.

Jared Williams, the organizer behind the site, describes the next stage of WPHonors:

Each post will be judged based on a specific set of criteria, with vote counts being one of the deciding factors for a post, but vote counts are only one of the things that determine the final nominations.

That means, a post with 200 votes but is not a worthy candidate for moving on as a finalist in the category it’s in may be ousted by a post with 1 vote, if it is a perfect candidate for being in the finals for that category.

After the judges choose the final parties, voting will commence until the end of the year to choose the final winners in each category.

Full disclosure: I was asked and will be taking part in this WPHonors stage as a judge. Obviously I will not be weighing in on the sites category, where WPCandy is a candidate. The winner in the sites category will be up to the other judges and of course you, the voters.

You beautiful, beautiful voters. Have you all lost weight?