The 2.6.4 update to WordPress for iOS “most stable in a long time”

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Isaac Keyet announced the latest update to the WordPress for iOS app with an air of confidence, calling it “the most stable release of WordPress for iOS in a long time”. That’s good news, right? The 2.6.4 update brings with it almost two dozen bug fixes, more options for uploaded photos, and a now ascending list of media items.

Version 2.6.5 is in the works right now too, with the focus on fixing the still-present duplicate content and media uploader bugs, as well as improving the process of managing pages. You can continue following development and reporting bugs at the WordPress for iOS forums, of course.

Do you use the wordPress for iOS app? If so, have you found the new version to be an improvement? So far I have held off, as I ran into the duplicate content issue once. I’ll be excited to test it out after 2.6.5 is released.

One thought on “The 2.6.4 update to WordPress for iOS “most stable in a long time”

  1. Something that still bugs me with the iPhone app for WP is that if you save a draft (not a local to your phone but on your site) the date will not change if you finish the post from within your WP site. Most of the time I use the iPhone app to just create “notes” and save them as a draft, so I don’t forget that lead on a idea. But then every once in a while it happens that I forget to change the “fixed” date and it is posted way down on the site.

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