WP Fight Club launches, win for “bragging rights”

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WP Fight Club offers a chance to compare themes, plug-ins, and everything else WordPress in a unique way.

The site pits competitors against each other in categories such as premium themes, plug-ins, WP developers, and websites. Winners are decided after a month of open voting and commemorated on the site for all to see.

WPHonors.com launched last week as the “Oscars for WordPress”, taking votes on the best WordPress has to offer in various niches. This week WP Fight Club has launched, and while the method is very different from Honors’, the end goal seems to be similar.

James Dalman, known for his involvement with the recently released Startbox theme, explains why he created and launched the site:

The idea for the WP Fight Club came about because so many people DO ask who is the best at __________.   What better way to let the community find out and discover than by pitting two competitors against each other each week and letting the people decide?  Not to mention it would help shut down some of the trash talkers and let those who really are good stand victorious.

Anyone can submit a request to be in the next fight, but those behind the site itself choose the match-ups.

You can follow WP Fight Club on Twitter @wpfightclub to see who is coming up first.