WP Engineer launches their own theme framework, Xtreme One


WP Engineer, the folks behind the steady stream of WordPress tips at their blog, have stepped up and released their own WordPress theme framework called Xtreme One. They of course recognize the prevalence of theme frameworks in the marketplace right now. In response to “why another WordPress framework?” Michael Preuss said:

My idea of a WordPress Framework starts where most of the others are given up – to give the user the complete control of his layout. That’s why Xtreme One is worldwide the only WordPress Framework, which is able to create fixed, fluid and flexible layouts. Create in a matter of minutes your own desired website layout with just a few mouse clicks!

As far as features go, Xtreme brings a number of them:

  • 6 layout variations in the content area
  • Teasers and footers create 28 layout combinations with up to five coumns
  • 3 comment form layouts, fully customizable
  • Stylesheet compression
  • Multisite and localization ready, both in English and German

It’s available for $69.95 from their new site. Check out the video demo of Xtreme One after the jump.

Would you like a copy of Xtreme One? Let us know in the comments what you would use it for, and why you are drawn to theme frameworks in the first place. Bonus points if you have examples of sites you’ve launched on frameworks. Best comments wins it: go!

6 thoughts on “WP Engineer launches their own theme framework, Xtreme One

  1. I use a blank theme for all my wordpress projects. I Will develope my own themeframework and release it for free in à few weeks. But Thanks for the preview, it sounds promising.

  2. I would prefer frameworks/themes that are easy to make your website fast.Some frameworks gives more options, as always, more choice makes it difficult to decide for a common person.It was surprising that in wpcandy theme framework poll Twentyone theme won most votes over costly theme frameworks.
    At the end, it is the layout of website that is difficult for common users, who are not geeks. What I would like to have is the freedom to choose the layout for my content. This can achieved by template pages rather than asking people to buy Child themes again.
    I like to see in future more availability of template pages as part of the framework/themes, recently elegant themes have added template pages. That’s the way to go.
    Xtreme claims to make layouts easier, but surprised to see that they don’t have a demo to experiment it.
    Here is one example which I did: http://www.acceptindia.org. I used Minibuzz theme which had template pages which made it easier for me to create this website.

  3. I make custom themes based off custom designs and always use a framework to get my sites off the ground. In doing some WP consulting, I’ve found themes created by others that were nothing more than updated CSS on Kubric or another theme which led to the inability of the site owner to manage their sidebar content, or worse. In those cases I’ve rebuilt the theme using a proper framework.

    I’ve used Thematic here:

    And most recently I’ve used Genesis here:

    I’m currently working on several more and have a few more in the pipeline. I’d love to see if Xtreme One gives the me same great flexibility as Genesis PLUS the ability to do advanced layout management like Thesis – only better!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. @WPSPY, unfortunately we cannot provide a demo, since everybody would mess up the settings if several people would try out the demo at the same time and change the settings.

    In Xtreme Theme you can make different layouts for each page, done in a minute. It’s a core feature in Xtreme One!

    @Chris, try it out and see it yourself, I’m sure you won’t get disappointed. I think it is exactly what are you looking for. 🙂

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