WP Engine will power hosting of Philly attendees for life


WP Engine is one of the sponsors of this coming weekend’s WordCamp Philly, and in addition to their suppor they’re offering every attendee to the event a free hosting account for life. You might want to read that again. That’s a free hosting account, for your entire life.

The plan they are offering is their $49/month plan, which allows for one WordPress installation and a nice helping of bandwidth. The process is a bit manual right now, but if you are attending you can fill out this form and they’ll get you set up.

Hosting for life is quite a deal, as long as you don’t let it bother you that all of the younger folks attending WordCamp Philly will end up with so much more free hosting than you in the long run. I mean, statistically speaking. Free hosting and a nice morbid reflection on the finite nature of life? WordCamps rock!

What do you think of WP Engine’s in-kind sponsorship offer? Does it make you wish you were attending WordCamp Philly this weekend?

6 thoughts on “WP Engine will power hosting of Philly attendees for life

  1. This is so awesome! WP Engine really stepped up to the plate as a sponsor. I can’t think of a better giveaway to attendees at any WordCamp I’ve ever been to, and that’s quite a few 😉

  2. This is probably the most generous sponsorship deal I’ve ever heard of. It kind of makes me want to do the math and figure out how many months of free hosting it would take to pay off the gas to drive up there!

    • Oooh, a word problem 🙂

      According to Google Maps the shortest distance from Atlanta to Philly is 760 miles. I don’t know what your car’s gas mileage is like, so guessing low that you get 20 miles/gallon, and given an average gas price of $3.70/gallon, round trip would be $281.20. It would take just under six months of this WP Engine deal to pay off the gas.

      That doesn’t take into consideration other trip costs, but yeah. There you go 🙂

  3. Very nice of them to offer such a promo. And it’s not like a popular service like theirs even needs to do any promoting. I’d sign up regardless. So this is perfectly aligned with the spirit of WordCamps.

  4. I looked at WP Engine, but ended up not going with them because they didn’t seem to support multisite on their lower end accounts.

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